Customer Displays

Posiflex PD 2200/PD 2300/PD 2300U

The bright two-lower case screen. Size of symbols 9 х 7,2 mm. (model PD 2300) and 11.25 х 7.2 mm (model PD 2200).
Horizontal rotation: 360°
two angles of slope of the panel.
Model PD-2300U supports the USB-interface.

Gigatek DSP840

2 lines on 20 symbols. The size of symbols 9 x 6 mm.
Adjustable angle of slope to 30 degrees.
Interface RS232 or USB.
The sizes of the display: 85 x 230 x 42 mm.
The sizes of base: 47 х 235 х 115 mm.
The sizes of a rack: changeable height - 4 positions: 182.5mm, 312.5mm, 427.5mm, 557.5mm.
Horizontal rotation: 300°.