Equipment for Playing Machines


QuarTech PLB1102
Provides data exchange between the server computer and concentrators QuarTech.
It is established directly in the system block.
  • PCI v2.2
  • 5 V
  • 33 MHz
  • 32-bit
  • 2 x SNP42 (RG12)
Concentrator (hub)
QuarTech HB2392
  Concentrator QuarTech provides reliable data transmission from playing machines through the minimum quantity of interconnections under protected SNP42.
It is established in immediate proximity from slot machines.
  • Highway SNP42 an exit with a galvanic outcome (RJ12)
  • 2 entrance ports SNP42 (RG12)
  • 9 (8+1) expanded Wiegand ports (RJ45)
  • DC: 12V 1,5А
Playing machine board
QuarTech PLB03 A/B
  It is intended for management of playing machines. It is established in the slot machine, it is connected to input reader QuarTech and the game processor. Provides monitoring of pressure of a food of the slot machine and its start after payment. 
In the version "B" imitation of the booking automatic machine is realized.
  • Full galvanic outcome with the final device
  • Range of entrance pressure: 4-15V
  • Switched current to 0.25А
Playing machine board
Hight power
QuarTech PLB04A
QuarTech PLB04A
It is intended for management of a switch-on of powerful playing machines: air guns, karusels, etc.
It is applied in cases if for any reasons use QuarTech PLB03A/B is impossible.
  • Full galvanic outcome with the final device
  • Switched current to 15А
Display for cardreaders QuarTech PLB5050
It is established in cardreader QuarTech and allows to show the price of game to each playing machine separately, and also operatively change it from the server.
The price is displayed on the appreciable bright display.
  • Power supply: 5V
  • 256 programmed combinations of displayed pairs of prices