The "Quartech - Shop" solution is a full featured modern automation system that focuses primarily on retail, or in other words, on the companies, that are considered small and medium-sized. Software, developed by our company for this solution is optimized for needs of such business segment.

The main objectives of the system are:

  • Increasing speed and quality of customer service
  • Providing employees with convenient workplace
  • Maintaining tight control over the actions of the staff and tracking attempts of frauds
  • Making reports on the performance of the company and employees on-line
  • Providing customers additional services (to reckon with bank cards, to work with discount cards, to provide information about products quickly, to implement loyalty programs for clients)
  • Working with a large (and continually updated) assortment of goods
  • Keeping track of goods in warehouses and shop floors
  • Conducting an inventory without stopping the work of the company
  • Analyzing the dynamics of sales for various types of goods and implementing a flexible marketing policy

The block diagram of system of automation of shop