General descriptions of Quartech system

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General information about the Quartech system

Quartech Systems are a software and hardware automation and business management systems. Primary audience of Quartech company are those businessmen, who work with restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, entertainment complexes, actually in all fields of business, which partially or completely have to do with catering and entertainment.

The main objectives of Quartech systems are:


  • Providing a comfortable working space for waiters, bartenders and cashiers
  • Monitoring goods in warehouses, at production and in points of issue
  • Control of revenues and expenses
  • Centralized management of entertainment complex of the enterprise (game machines, billiard tables, bowling clubs, turnstiles, etc.))
  • Maintaining tight control of actions of staff and tracking all cases of frauds
  • Making reports on the performance of the company and employees


Software of the system consists of several units for various levels of users. Each employee works with his part of the system that fulfills his needs and will provide necessary information, setting him free from unnecessary and complicated actions, shielding him from data useless for his work, allowing him to concentrate on the job and reduce the possible number of mistakes.

The hardware of the system is a local computer network, which includes a database server, the workplaces of managers, of cashiers, bartenders and waiters, specialized printers, controllers of game machines, and readers of contactless plastic cards. Workplaces of employees in trading hall are equipped with special programmable keyboards or TouchScreen-displays, which allow quickly and efficiently view and enter data. The hardware of the complex does not require expensive and sophisticated equipment and yet provides high reliability and system performance.

The results of using the system are clear patterns of work of all units, an increase in speed of customer service, minimization of uncontrolled losses (and full exception of frauds from the staff) and, consequently, increase of profitability of the enterprise.

Architecture of Quartech systems

In the Quartech systems functions of managing work of the enterprise are distributed among several units, which run as separate programs. Combinations of units installed help to build a set of solutions depending on customer needs.

Equipment Used

Quartech systems use various types of specialized equipment for work:

  • Readers of contactless cards - are used for authentication of staff (cards of workers) in the system of discount cards and for electronic payments in the management system of game machines (game cards)
  • Programmable keyboards – are used in the work of shop floor staff for quick and easy enter of information about customer orders
  • TouchScreen monitors –even more convenient device for customer service on the shop floor, combining displaying and entering the information directly through the monitor
  • POS-terminals - devices that combine a computer and TouchScreen monitor
  • Printers of checks and labels - special printers that are installed in the workplaces and in bars for the automatic printing of customers’ order flow, and in the workplaces on the shop floor for printing invoices and receipts
  • Additional Equipment - fiscal registers, barcode scanners, electronic scales, etc.
  • Game equipment - readers of contactless cards and devices for management of game machines, turnstiles in gaming halls, etc.